Weekly Update: June 28, 2024

As posted on Wednesday, the default build was updated to Kepler 17311, which adds a number of QoL improvements and fixes.

I am currently focused on a number of tasks that are time consuming and important for the eventual 1.0 “graduation” but not directly tied in within development: editing an updated trailer, coordinating with Valve and GOG, communicating with the German translator, working with Hardy on new capsule art, etc.

I don’t have an announcement for an official 1.0 graduation date yet, but here is rough outline of what to expect in the near future:

For the next month or so I will mostly be focused on launch-related activities, as well as taking a few days off here and there for some needed recharge. Expect at least one new build, but its primary purpose will be to patch any outstanding issues and test the first public “production” build . 

Maybe some minor new content and balance changes, but nothing risky.

Once the graduation candidate is frozen, I plan to start work on post 1.0 content. There are a few story ideas I have for additional side quests and possibly resolving one of the outstanding narrative threads, as well as some player feature suggestions. As always, players are encourage to share their thoughts on what they’d like to see in the discussion forums.