Weekly Update: January 19, 2024

Last weekend I finished my full playthrough of Jupiter and noted 195 things that I wanted to fix or add for the next opt-in build. Many were fairly minor things like wording or timing changes. A few I decided I was okay with deferring and added them to the large “eventual to do” pile.

Since then, I’ve chiseled that list down to about 60.

Here are some of the larger items I tackled:

Added Damage Types

Up until now damage has been just damage, although there is some hard-coded special-case balancing. For example Havok does a lot more damage to missiles and drones, due to being AoE. Without this balancing, Havok would either be absolutely lethal to slow moving ships, or would fail at its intended purpose, since missiles and drones move fast.

Now all damage has a type, so as necessary I can balance different factions and weapons to have different advantages vs. different defenses or targets, without needing messy special case coding.

Refactored Armor/Resistance Formula

Speaking of damage, I also took the opportunity to simplify the resistance formula. Bulkheads, armor, certain techs and factions can have various resistances which get passed to a formula to translate into a percentile damage reduction.

The prior resistance formula was the result of trial and error, but while working with the damage types I noticed that for most values encountered in game, it was very close to a conceptually simpler formula, so I went ahead and changed the base formula:

Each point of resistance equals a 1% change in the total number of attacks of constant damage it would take to do the same amount of damage to a target. 10 points of resistance means it would take 10% longer for an attacker to destroy a target, 100 points means it would take twice as long for an attacker to destroy a target, -100 points means it would take half as long, etc.

Mini-void Quest

I added another small random side-quest that the player may encounter while traveling in the void. I won’t go into details to avoid (no pun intended) spoilers. This required one new anomaly and a new faction.

Havok to Secondary

The Havok flak system control has been converted to work like an untargeted secondary weapon, so to activate you just cycle to it and pressĀ [SPACE].

Plus numerous either minor or spoiler-y changes.

As always, changes mentioned in weekly updates will not be available to players until the next build deployment and are subject to change.

I’m still aiming to deploy a Jupiter build for opt-in by the end of the month. We’ll see how that goes.

Until next week!

– Kevin