Weekly Update: February 2, 2024

As promised last week, the first Jupiter build has been uploaded to an unstable beta branch.

It’s been quite a while since the last named update, partly due to spending more time doing post-launch Icarus patches, but mostly due to my goal of introducing an ending to the game’s story. Late in the process I found myself caught in the trap of “the players have waited so long for this build, they won’t be happy unless I do X”. But this eventually becomes a self-perpetuating cycle as X inevitably takes longer than I originally thought, and I feel compelled to add Y and Z. I finally reached a point of deciding that it’s better to get some feedback on the new stuff and defer some known items.

Consider this a warning that this build might be a rougher build than previous opt-ins. There aren’t any known game breaking bugs, but some content isn’t quite as done as I would like, there have been untested balance changes, and some of the late areas may have performance issues. Some players have already started playing since I posted about it on Tuesday, but as most of the changes are in the late game, no player has made it that far and I still don’t have a sense as to whether there are any serious bugs.

So very brave commanders who want to venture forth into the Jupiter build, have at it. Once I get feedback from players who make it all the way through, I’ll give some guidance in the weekly update on how rough it actually is. (Opt-in instructions here).

Non-spoiler list of changes:

  • Prologue transition
  • End game credit screen
  • New mid-game story, faction
  • Two new void mini-quests, encounters
  • New late game story, mission
  • New end game story, missions
  • Two late game “easter eggs”
  • Fix for missing void encounters
  • New weapon variants
  • Refactor fixed weapons, control schemes
  • Anomaly soundscapes
  • 18 new anomalies
  • Numerous new actor dialogues
  • New modules
  • New techs
  • New enemies, abilities
  • Damage type logic, refactor resistance
  • Refactored Station operations logic
  • New techs highlighted
  • Additional analytics
  • Hints/fixes for several stuck scenarios
  • Engine turbo sound fades out
  • Numerous balance changes
  • Numerous new VFX
  • Minor changes to dialogue behavior
  • Improved mission authoring tool
  • Improved testing tools
  • Changed autosave timing
  • Fix for vsync not being saved
  • Fix for secondary weapon not being saved
  • Several performance optimizations
  • Various QoL changes
  • Numerous bug fixes

Build 16006 patch:

  • Fix for new analytics telemetry potentially logging player name, which would make the analytics non-anonymous
  • Added canvas scaler for prologue text
  • Fix beams not targeting fighter drones after object re-pooling

Until next week!
– Kevin