Weekly Update: December 1, 2023

I’ve spent most of the last week working on new, late-game content. I’ll avoid going into more detail to avoid spoilers.

I’ve also spent a good chunk of time interacting with new players, some of whom have reported areas where they’ve run into issues.

One of the design challenges with an open world exploration game is that I don’t necessarily know what order players are going to do/find things, so unexpected player behavior can lead to scenarios where the game is waiting for the player to do something before triggering some interaction or event, but the player’s specific actions or path caused them to miss it. (I’m thinking about adding some additional data to the analytics so I can get a better sense of how players move through the universe.)

While the game encourages exploration and there’s stuff for players to discover independently, there should always be a fairly clear path forward. Currently, it seems like 

most of the obstacles to this are things that could be fixed without diminishing the exploration aspect of the game:

  • General: Thinking a region has been explored while there is an unexplored “Flinger”. I plan on making unused Flingers much more conspicuous in the next release.
  • General: Sometimes the player just needs to return to Celaeno.
  • Early game: 
    spoilerMissed passing through the sector between Celaeno and The Aletheia, thereby failing to ever trigger a certain hint sequence.
  • Late game: 
    spoilerFailed to find all 3 Trinary keys. One of the keys is a drop from the Devout, but won’t drop until the player has found the Chariot and completed the Arkadian mission. Also, there is apparently a bug where players could sell the keys to the Guild.
  • Late game:
    spoilerDidn’t realize they were supposed to “push” the Unstable Cores. There will be an alternate solution to this problem in the future.

Thanks for playing and thanks for helping to improve the game, until next week!
– Kevin

p.s. I plan on going offline for a focused work vacation next week, so may not be responding to forum messages (or submitted saves) for a couple days.