Weekly Update: August 25, 2023

Quick update, as most of what I worked on falls into the category of things I’d like to first show rather than tell: the previously mentioned new feature as well as another new feature.

Other tasks done in the last week:

  • Profiling and optimizing several performance bottlenecks
  • Investigated some AI steering issues and fixed a bug where the AI wouldn’t cut its engines. This may be related to why sometimes an AI would “floor it through a school zone”, but this one has been tricky to investigate because it’s hard to reproduce, so I’m not sure it’s really gone.
  • Refactored missile projectiles to move some of the logic out of the missile component, which was getting overloaded with the various types of missiles in the game. Instead the steering and detonation behavior is now handled separately.
  • Changed secondary fire control. Instead of the secondary fire weapon automatically firing all weapons, if the player has multiple secondary weapons (e.g., fixed and missiles), the player can cycle through them, including an “all weapons” option.
  • Continued working with artists on several new ship modules.

Until next week,