Weekly Update: August 11, 2023

Last week I posted Helios as an opt-in build. I had been concerned this one might have been buggier than usual because of the large number of changes, but so far there haven’t been any major bugs and players are liking the changes. I forgot to mention: if you finish the Helios build, submit a save via F8 from near the end (before ). It’s helpful for me to have some example player builds that I can use for balancing the next content update.

After some feedback, I posted a patch that added a “fog of war” tech, optional control settings for lasers and fixed a few bugs.

I’ve spent most of this week communicating with some prospect 3D artists to create a few more ship modules– my original modeler has since taken a full time position, which is not surprising given his talent and productivity.

Other than that, I’ve started planning the next content update, which tentatively I think will be focused on the late game.

Until next week,