Weekly Update #81: Survey Responses

A few weeks ago I talked about the possibility of a sequel and posted a link to a short survey for those who might be interested in more Starcom: Nexus.

I asked you what you did and didn’t like and what you hoped to see in another game like it.

Based on the several hundred responses received so far, here’s what I’m hearing:

  • The most popular aspects are exploration, discovery and ship building.
  • The area in most need of improvement was the mission log system, followed by the trade system.
  • Players really would like to see more ship building options, as well as more variety in weapons.

Most of the survey questions allowed for multiple answers as well as free-form responses. One frequent comment was that players really didn’t want a radically different experience: more of the same, but better. I’m going to try to take that advice to heart and keep the core game loop relatively unchanged. But I do have a number of ideas on how to add to the game without breaking the existing mechanics.

Right now, I’m focusing my attention on creating some tools to aid in future development and I’ll talk about some of those in the near future.

Until next week, stay well and have fun! In the meantime you can find me on Twitter, Discord or the game’s Steam Forums.