Weekly Update #74: Survey Time!

While I’m still working on Starcom: Nexus, I’ve already started thinking seriously about what my next project will be. There’s a reasonable chance I may return to this genre and so this week I setup an email sign-up/survey form. If you enjoyed the game, let me know what you liked and maybe what you would like to see added or changed.

Click here if that sounds like something you’d be into.

In other news, version 1.0.10 was promoted to the default branch this week. This was a relatively minor patch, feature-wise, but moved a lot of text out into external files for translation purposes. It also updates the Linux version.

I’ve been fixing a few minor bugs for the next update and, in continuation of last week’s efforts, have been compiling my notes for an eventual “postmortem” post.

Finally, Starcom: Nexus is 15% off now through Sunday for Steam’s 2020 Lunar Sale!