Weekly Update #60: Beta 0.17 first pass

As posted previously, version 0.16 is the first public version that includes the full main storyline. Based on analytics and feedback on that, I’m working on version 0.17 which adds a number of requested features, fixes some bugs as well as streamlining the late game content. I’m hopeful that we’re close to version 1.0. If that seems like an odd progression, it’s because Starcom: Neuxs uses a versioning system similar to semantic versioning.

This week I did a playthrough with an eye specifically toward areas where players are likely to be getting blocked. I identified about 30 things to fix, mostly minor but some requiring additional content.

Other tasks completed in the past week:

  • Three new anomalies
  • Added option to disable auto save on warp (quick save is now in)
  • Improvements to mission log: previously in the late game with hundreds of entries it could take up to 2 seconds or more to open on older machines. There’s still some lag, but it’s improved significantly.
  • Additional work on the hidden reputation system
  • Numerous bug fixes

Fingers crossed, I hope to have an opt-in Beta up in about a week.

Until next week! You can always reach me on Twitter, Discord or the game’s Steam Forums.