Weekly Update #53: Beta 0.15 Feedback

Hey everyone, early update this week as I’ll be traveling this weekend.

As I announced last week, Beta 0.15 is available on an opt-in branch on Steam. To see how to access opt-in branches, click here.

The major change of this update was the addition of an end game. I don’t plan to promote this game to the default branch, instead I’m planning on collecting feedback and analytics data to make improvements on the game progression into Beta 0.16. Hopefully that milestone will be much quicker than 0.15 and that one I expect to promote to default.

Sometime after the next one or two milestones I plan on raising the game’s price in anticipation of graduating out of Early Access. There will be a general news announcement beforehand so everyone will have a chance to grab it at the Early Access price.

Here’s what I worked on this past week:

  • Hot fixes for various bugs uncovered in Beta 0.15
  • Planning Beta 0.16
  • Started work on a collection of new “mini-missions.” These are minor quests with objectives dynamically placed to increase the probability players will find story critical objectives they may have missed.
  • Began preparing for BostonFIG 2019 where I’ll be showcasing the game!

Until next week! You can always reach me on Twitter, Discord or the game’s Steam Forums.