Weekly Update #44: An Unusual Week

This past week was a bit unusual. Last Saturday night, our house caught fire.

We rent the bottom floor of a two-family in the suburbs of Boston. I was awoken at 1:30AM by someone ringing our doorbell. Since there is no good reason for someone to call on us at that hour, I went back to sleep. A few minutes later they rang again and began banging on the door. I got up to yell at them. Apparently there is a good reason to call on us at that hour: it was the police trying to let us know our house was on fire.

My wife and I sleepily grabbed a few things and ran out. The fire department was already there– smoke was pouring out from the wall and as they pulled away the siding, flames became visible.

To keep the story brief: the fire department was able to extinguish the fire quickly. They did need to chop through an interior wall to verify the fire was completely extinguished. They determined the cause of the fire was not electrical, nor did it appear suspicious. They could not determine a definitive cause, but suspect a freak spark from a cigarette. No one in the house smokes, but the neighbors had people over earlier in the evening and we have additional neighbors close by, so it’s not inconceivable.

No one was hurt and there was remarkably almost no damage to our possessions. (Had the fire destroyed my computer it would have set back development, but I do regularly backup the entire project offsite).

In more positive news, my wife and I went away for the first half of the week to celebrate our first year anniversary!

Finally, despite all the excitement, I did manage to get some work done:

  • Objective marking on the map. Certain objectives will now highlight themselves on the map.
  • Two new anomalies and a mini-quest.

Until next week! You can always reach me on Twitter, Discord or the game’s Steam Forums.