Weekly Update #12

The big news this past week was announcing the Early Access date: on December 12th, everyone can start exploring the mysterious and wonderful universe of Starcom: Nexus, so add to it to your wishlist on Steam now!

Hmmm, what could this mysterious artifact be?

The rest of the week was mostly spent on a bit of an experiment: a single but fairly expansive, non-main storyline mission. It’s an experiment in that it’s a) completely optional and b) I’m not sure how many players will even find or follow all the threads. For Beta testers wondering what I’m talking about, it combines some of the existing anomalies and races, plus new content, into one lengthy off-path adventure that starts with the Story from the Undeep. 

Finally, I spent yesterday and this morning working on the ability to rebind keys. Not a super sexy feature, but important to some players whose keyboard or handedness isn’t ideal for the default setup.