Starcom: Unknown Space

A new Starcom game is on the horizon! The same experience of exploration, mystery and excitement as Starcom: Nexus in a brand new universe!

New Features

In response to players’ feedback, we’ve kept the gameplay mostly the same, but there are a few exciting changes and improvements:

New Shipbuilding System

The shipbuilding system has been completely overhauled. You still build your own custom ship out of modular components, but with some important changes:

  • Most modules now come in a variety of upgrades of different sizes requiring scarcer resources
  • Modules can be rotated and flipped
  • Lots more modules
  • Ship color scheme customization

Command Crew

Your ship now has a permanent “command crew” who participate in away missions and aid with shipboard activities. As you progress through the game, they will advance in ranks and skills.

More Anomaly / Interaction Options

Crew skills, besides providing performance boosts, are used for revealing insights and for performing skill checks during planetary surveys and alien encounters.

New Mission Log System

One of the most common player complaints in Starcom: Nexus was the mission log system. We’re rebuilding it with tighter integration into the mission system to make it easier to track what your current objectives are, while at the same time not provide too much handholding.

Lots More!

There’s still a lot more features that are under development, be sure to wishlist and follow on Steam to keep updated on the game’s progress.