Starcom: Nexus is now on Steam!

The big news for this week’s update is, of course, that Starcom: Nexus is finally available in Steam Early Access. This is a huge milestone and is the first time that the game is publicly available outside of closed beta invites. It represents nearly 4000 hours of work on my part, plus the contributions of several talented artists and over a hundred play testers.

I’m extremely happy with the game’s reception. Virtually all the players of the Flash game feel that it’s a worthy successor, capturing the spirit of the original while adding a whole lot more. Players brand new to Starcom are loving it as well: the vast majority of feedback has been extremely positive.

This is still far from the end of the road.¬†While the major features are in place, the universe needs to grow and the story needs an ending. As I discussed in last week’s update players can expect periodic content updates that add new star systems, new features, side quests and more main story content. These updates will initially appear on beta test branches, then periodically update the main “default” branch.

I’d like to thank everyone for supporting Starcom: Nexus!

— Kevin

p.s. You can still vote in the feature priority poll here:

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