Quick Update: Beta & More

Just a quick update on what’s happened in the past few weeks:

The biggest thing was the start of the first round of closed betas, which went great. Players reported really enjoying the game play and despite major changes from the original Flash game, felt it captured the essence of it. The game’s anonymous analytics suggested they weren’t just being polite: virtually everyone who played more than two minutes binged the rest of the content. Admittedly, the game’s content is still quite limited: players took about 75 minutes on average to play through the main story line. With this round’s data, I feel more confident in continuing in the planned direction.

The beta players also helped point out problem areas and bugs in the current game and had some great suggestions on possible improvements and features I hadn’t planned.

There will be additional closed betas in the near future, sent to random mailing list subscribers, so if that sounds like something you’d like, be sure to sign up on the right.

Other smaller things that have happened:

  • Steam “Coming Soon” store page has been approved and will open soon so you can add the game to your wishlist;
  • Implemented a new node-based mission system that makes it easier for me to craft some of the structured content like tutorials and missions;
  • Numerous quality of life type fixes;
  • And started working on the game’s trailer. Take a look at a rough cut here.

All for now! I’ll leave you with a screenshot from the game’s current build: