Older Games

My earliest games were made in Adobe Flash. Flash was officially discontinued and disabled in all major browsers at the end of 2020, so unfortunately these games can no longer be played. But for posterity they were:

PlanetDefender (2008)

PlanetDefender was a popular tower-defense style game where the player built rows of structures to defend against waves of alien ships. The game was very popular, played over 2.5 million times between its launch and Flash’s deprecation.

Here is a video of a player’s playthrough at the hardest difficulty.

Starcom (2009)

Starcom was the genesis for Starcom: Nexus. As a light-weight Flash game, it was extremely simple compared to Starcom: Nexus. No planet anomalies, no character interactions, no research tree, and only a few star systems. But it was players’ love of the game that gave me the incentive to create the full PC game.

The original Starcom flash game interface

The Lost Crypts (2013)

The Lost Crypts was a departure from my space-themed oeuvre, instead drawing inspiration from the quarter-sucking arcade game Gauntlet of my youth. It was a fast-paced real-time multiplayer rogue-like where up to 4 players could dive as deep as they could again hordes of monsters in search of treasure.

Here is a clip of the game play.