October Progress: Quick Update

After the last round of closed betas, I’ve been very busy working on all the things needed to get Starcom: Unknown Space ready for Early Access. As I’ve said before, I’m aiming for a 2022 release and I still feel good about that timeline. Expect a more specific date soon.

I’ve done a lot since the last news update, here’s a minimal-spoiler summary of the significant items:

  • New mission/story lines
  • Two new alien races
  • New anomalies, conversations, discoveries
  • New technologies
  • Changes to item drops
  • Changes to existing mission flows
  • Increase anomaly, drop reward scaling
  • Enemy weapon variant
  • Initial achievement set
  • Command crew portraits
  • Various dev tooling improvements
  • Additional game options for performance and QoL
  • Misc. bug fixes from player feedback and error logs

I’m still working on some of the new content, but plan to start a new round of closed-betas soon, hopefully next week. Because of the large number of changes, I’ll probably break the test into 2-3 groups, so if there is a game-breaking bug that slipped through my tests I’ll be able to patch it before the next batch goes out.

Again, if you’ve signed-up for the mailing list you’re eligible for the random test invite.

A few YouTube streamers have done sneak peeks of the game play. Obviously, these contain some spoilers, but if you haven’t played Starcom: Nexus and are unsure what kind of game this is, these may help give a sense:

As a solo dev making a game in somewhat of a niche genre, I’m very grateful to YouTubers/Streamers for the visibility they’ve given my games (and indie games in general).

All for now, until next update!

Tech tree is growing