Thanksgiving Update

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here, so Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it! And thanks from me to everyone who has supported Starcom game development over the years, and especially to the playtesters who have put in so much time suggesting improvements for the game. I’m considering the current version in playtesters’ hands (Betelgeuse … Read more

Early Access Home Stretch

Starcom: Unknown Space is now a little less than a month from entering Early Access. At this point, the game feels very solid and players of the latest beta have not identified any critical issues. This week, after doing a full playthrough and starting another round of close beta tests, I did some minor optimizations … Read more

Early Access Updates and Save Games

During Early Access, a lot of new content is being created and modified. Due to the interconnected open-world gameplay, major updates will not be save compatible with previous releases. Expect “named” releases to be incompatible (the release name is visible in the upper right corner near the build number, e.g., “Arcturus 101500”, “Betelgeuse 10730”, etc.) … Read more

Starcom: Unknown Space Launch Date

The big news this week is that Starcom: Unknown Space will enter Early Access in a little over a month on December 14! Based on player feedback from the last closed beta, I feel that the game is in very good shape. But there are still some areas that I’d like to improve further before … Read more

October Progress: Quick Update

After the last round of closed betas, I’ve been very busy working on all the things needed to get Starcom: Unknown Space ready for Early Access. As I’ve said before, I’m aiming for a 2022 release and I still feel good about that timeline. Expect a more specific date soon. I’ve done a lot since … Read more

The Crew/Skill System

Here’s a quick summary of the progress I’ve made since the last news update: Work on content for a new storyline. I won’t go into detail here to avoid spoilers. Started work on an updated version of the trailer. Various fixes based on additional tester feedback. Crew portraits. Speaking of crew, I thought this would … Read more

Testing & Progress Update

Two weeks ago, the first large round of playtest invites were sent to random mailing list subscribers. There have only been about 40% as many testers as emails sent so far, which was expected: some emails end up flagged as spam (check your spam folder!), some players want to wait for the full release, people … Read more

Shipyard Evolution

Development is going ahead at full warp. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to keep you all updated on what I’ve been doing. I’m going to try to post more regular updates with a quick snapshot on what I’ve been up to, as well as some more details on particular aspects of … Read more

Closed Beta: First Reactions

This is my first blog update on Starcom: Unknown Space since the game’s announcement. In the meantime, I’ve been hard at work on… just about everything: features, bug fixes, content, marketing, etc. The biggest thing has been starting closed betas. (If you’re interested in participating, you can still sign-up on the sequel survey page.) So … Read more