Weekly Update #73: Gathering thoughts

This week I started compiling thoughts for an eventual postmortem write-up. Even though I’m still working on Starcom: Nexus, at this point I want to commit some of my ideas to text while they’re still fresh. If you’re not familiar, a postmortem typically is a write-up of what went right and what didn’t during a … Read more

Weekly Update #72: Localization, etc.

This was a shorter week development-wise, due to a confluence of events like a dentist appointment, jury duty, etc. The two main things I worked on this week were: More localization stuff Working on a number of minor/rare bugs reported by the community As mentioned last week there’s a Beta build of 1.0.10 available on … Read more

Weekly Update #71: Release 1.0.10 on Beta

I spent the first half of this week testing and fixing version 1.0.10 which is now on an opt-in Beta branch. It’s a relatively minor update in terms of functional changes, but requires a lot of testing because I was touching a lot of code to improve localization/translation.¬† Up until now, around 95%+ of the … Read more

Weekly Update #70: Happy Holidays!

This was a shorter week development-wise due to spending Christmas with my family. I hope that if you celebrated a holiday it was a great one, and if not, I hope you were able to get some time off for games! This week I spent most of my time working on localization. Starcom: Nexus is … Read more

Weekly Update #69: Launch Away!

It’s been a busy week! Graduation into full release went better than expected, which is great. It seems like spending the full year in Early Access paid off: overall, players love the game and there have been few significant bugs reported. Still, the large influx of new players have revealed a few issues. There is … Read more

Weekly Update #68: Graduation Day

Yesterday, Starcom: Nexus graduated from Early Access after exactly one year. It’s been a pretty stressful week, largely due to anticipation. If you are not a game developer, you may not know that a game’s first week on Steam in a huge predictor of its lifetime sales. It gets more complicated with Early Access titles, … Read more

Weekly Update #67: Release Week

A short update this week. As you probably know, Starcom: Nexus graduates from Early Access in a few days. I’ve spent most of this week splitting my time between marketing activities and various technical experiments. It looks like the current build (1.0.5) is pretty stable: there have been a couple minor bugs reported but at … Read more

Weekly Update #66: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m thankful for my family and friends, and of course for all the players who have supported the game through Early Access.¬†This was a short week, development-wise due to the holiday. What I’ve been up to in development: Unity (the engine used for the Starcom: Nexus’s development) is a great tool, but … Read more

Weekly Update #65: Minor patch, etc.

Quick update this week: On Monday I pushed an update that fixed a few bugs, made some changes to the environmental music logic, added some new tracks and increased the visibility of planets that had additional interaction. Apparently during my experiments with Linux I switched the PC target to 32 bit, so I had to … Read more

Weekly Update #64: Release Date

The big news this week was the announcement of a full release date: December 12th! I also worked on a number of bugs and quality of life changes in the past week: Moritz delivered some new music tracks which I’ve added. Changed some of the ambient music logic. Changed the icon for planets that still … Read more