Weekly Update: July 14, 2023

After the roller coaster of the last two weeks, I spent most of the last week working on the remaining big items I wanted for the next update, “Helios”. It’s not a massive update, but it touches a lot of things and as a result may have introduced more issues than a typical named update. … Read more

Weekly Update: July 7, 2023

This week was a bit of trial: I went to the ER on Sunday for what seems to have been a stomach virus, then my eye doctor yesterday for an issue with my right eye. The good news is that neither of these are believed to be serious issues, although it sounds like I will … Read more

Weekly Update: June 30, 2023

This was a shorter work week: I took two days off mid-week to celebrate our five year anniversary. I’ve mostly continued working on some mid-game content. These are some stories that aren’t directly part of the main storyline, but will provide some mini side quests and help flesh out the universe. Other than that I … Read more

Weekly Update: June 23, 2023

(This update contains some minor spoilers for an upcoming NPC feature) This past week I’ve continued to work on some new mid-game content. One of these required recreating a feature that existed in Starcom: Nexus, but I hadn’t yet implemented for Unknown Space: cloaked enemy ships. This turned out to be one of those features … Read more

Weekly Update: June 16, 2023

After posting Ganymede to default last week, I’ve been monitoring player reports for any high priority issues that warranted hot patches. Two came up: the first was a fairly low probability scenario that could happen if a player missed a particular interaction. But that scenario would make two storylines out of sync to the point … Read more

Weekly Update: June 9, 2023

Ganymede was promoted to default build on Wednesday, and I’m going to keep an eye on player feedback, particularly first-time players. One of my priorities for the next few updates is to continue improving mission tracking to ensure players do not find themselves stuck, at least on the main storyline. I’m also curious to see … Read more

Weekly Update: June 2, 2023

Ganymede was posted for opt-in testing last week and since then I’ve posted seven patches, an above-average number. I don’t think Ganymede was a particularly buggy build, but it included a fair amount of new mid and late game content. As a result, player feedback was spread over a longer period of time. There was … Read more

Weekly Update: May 26, 2023

As I announced earlier this week, Ganymede is ready for opt-in testing. If players don’t find any serious issues, I plan to make it the new default build in a little over a week. You can read the announcement with changes here. Since then, I’ve posted several minor patches to the build for bugs and QoL … Read more

Ganymede Opt-in Content Progression

I just posted Ganymede, the latest opt-in beta. As with previous “named” content updates, this one is not save compatible. Some players (understandably) don’t want to replay the game for every release, particularly when large chunks of the game stay the same, and want to know “how much new content is there”? While working on … Read more

Weekly Update: May 19, 2023

Quick update as I’m trying to get Ganymede ready for opt-in beta testing, hopefully in the next day or so. Quantity-wise, it’s probably about as much content as Fornax, maybe a little more, although it took a lot more time due to some new vfx and features. Most of the new content is in the … Read more