Weekly Update #54: Fest Prep

Hey all! Last weekend I was in Minnesota for a wedding so this week was a bit abbreviated, development wise. As I mentioned previously, I’ll be showcasing Starcom: Nexus at the Boston Festival of Indie Games next weekend. If you’re planning on going, be sure to stop by and say hi! Apart from prepping for … Read more

Weekly Update #53: Beta 0.15 Feedback

Hey everyone, early update this week as I’ll be traveling this weekend. As I announced last week, Beta 0.15 is available on an opt-in branch on Steam. To see how to access opt-in branches, click here. The major change of this update was the addition of an end game. I don’t plan to promote this … Read more

Weekly Update #52: Beta 0.15

It’s apparently been a full year since I started doing weekly progress updates on development! There’s quite a bit of news this week. First, Beta 0.15 is now available as an opt-in branch of Steam. See here for instructions on how to access. As usual, since this is a content update save games are not … Read more

Weekly Update #51: Playthrough

This past week I did a full playthrough of the current game (Beta 0.15) noting bugs and areas for improvement. This was my first playthrough in several months and it went better than expected: I identified 72 bugs and problem areas, but only a handful were game breaking and many were minor quick fixes and … Read more

Weekly Update #50: Endgame Draft

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been working primarily on giving the game an ending. Today I finally put the last pieces in place that connects the various disparate elements. In the next few days I’ll start a full play through to find out what these changes broke and what obviously needs fixing. Hopefully not … Read more

Weekly Update #49: Story work, Testing

This week’s update is a little early, as I will be offline this weekend. Still chugging away at the end game, which is hard to talk about without giving away spoilers. Here’s what I’ve worked on: Various lore writing Continued work on the missions that will comprise the end game. Test tools that help me … Read more

Weekly Update #48: Continued End Game

As I mentioned in last week’s update, I’m working on the game’s “end game” mission. So there’s not a lot to post about that isn’t spoilery. What I worked on in the last week: New space anomaly Kite Station now gets any weapon/armor stat boosts from player techs Some wandering encounters can now occur in … Read more

Weekly Update #47: Endgame Work

One of my goals for the next update is to have an actual ending. If you’ve played the game, right now when you’ve reached the end of the main story content, there’s just an anomaly thanking you for playing. I’d like to replace that with a proper, if unpolished, ending. As such, updates regarding that … Read more

Weekly Update #45: End Game Progress

This was a shorter week due to the holiday. A number of the things I worked on were related to the end game and a bit spoiler-y, so this update is a bit vague. Here’s what I worked on: Misc. end game content New mini-quest Thanks to some saves submitted by players I think I’ve … Read more