Weekly Update: May 31, 2024

In the last update I mentioned that I couldn’t autodetect whether the game was running on the Steam Deck, something I wanted to do so that the new text-scaling feature could automatically be applied. Two years ago when I was starting integration with Steamworks, I evaluated two possible C# libraries for Valve’s API. One was … Read more

Weekly Update: May 24, 2024

The big news for the past week was Kepler being promoted to the default build, as announced here. So far, players have reported few significant bugs. I think at this point the biggest question mark is how many “stuck points” will first time players encounter. I.e., points where, due to unanticipated player behavior, the game provides … Read more

Weekly Update: May 10, 2024

As promised last week, the first Kepler build was made available as an opt-in beta last Sunday. There have been two patches since then to fix potentially significant bugs, but at least¬†some¬†players have made it to the game’s end. Here are the changes relative to Jupiter (the last opt-in beta): Non-spoiler changes in Kepler: Known … Read more

Weekly Update: May 3, 2024

I chiseled through most of the small items I wanted to finish for Kepler and started another playthrough. The playthrough so far uncovered three major bugs introduced by the various changes, which I have fixed. I still need to finish the playthrough and then tackle a few small items that would be difficult to fix … Read more