Weekly Update: April 26, 2024

Last week I mentioned that I had two big items and about 50 smaller items that I wanted to get done for the Kepler opt-in, plus another fast playthrough to ensure nothing major has broken. The two bigger items took a bit longer than I expected, but they are now done. One was a new … Read more

Weekly Update: April 19, 2024

Last weekend I finished a full playthrough of Kepler and came up with a list of just under 100 candidate items I’d like to fix/add before making it available as an opt-in beta. Most of these were pretty small bug fixes/tweaks/balance changes, although there is one feature and one new story line that will take … Read more

Weekly Update: April 12, 2024

A quick update this week: my wife and I went on a survey mission to investigate a nearby celestial anomaly. When we got back I started a full playthrough to see how the recent changes felt and get a sense of how much more I want to add to Kepler before releasing it as an … Read more

Ten Years of Starcom

Looking at my task tracker recently I realized it’s been ten years since I started work on what would eventually become┬áStarcom: Nexus, the precursor of┬áStarcom: Unknown Space. Actually ten years ago to the day, I followed Unity’s “space game tutorial” to figure out how to get a 2D spaceship moving on screen. I’ve already written … Read more