Weekly Update: Jan 27, 2023

As posted last week, this week’s goal was to get a new build up to start collecting player’s feedback on several changes to the (current) mid-game content and a fix to anomaly placement. That build, Draconis, is up now as an opt-in “unstable” beta. Details here. If there are no major issues uncovered, I hope … Read more

Weekly Update: Jan 20, 2023

The main thing I’ve worked on in the past week has been refactoring the mid-game content to have more of the regions discoverable through normal exploration, rather than explicitly unlocked through mission from Celaeno. This is something that I started with Cassiopeia and will continue incorporating in future updates. The goal is to find the … Read more

Weekly Update: Jan 13, 2023

(Last week I forgot to post the update to the blog and just posted it to the discussion forums. You can find it here.) As I posted last week, Cassiopeia has been made available for opt-in beta testing. There have been no major issues reported with it so far, so if you are just starting … Read more