Weekly Update: Dec 30, 2022

A bit of a shorter week due to the Christmas holiday. The two biggest things I worked on in the past week were content for the (current) late game and the (current) early/mid game. Plus a number of changes to various systems and a few QoL features and fixes. Tasks done: I’ve just started a … Read more

Weekly Update: Dec 23, 2022

First week of Early Access complete, thanks everyone for playing the game! The largest chunk of my time this past week has been reviewing and compiling player feedback, plus doing some additional analytics work with the game data. As I mentioned in the last update, my plan for the very short term is to work … Read more

Weekly Update: Dec 16, 2022

Well obviously the major news this week was launching the game into Early Access, and I’d say it’s been a big success so far. Now that the game is in Early Access, I plan to post weekly updates on the game’s development in the forum and blog. With a lot of new players (both Nexus … Read more