Pause in Weekly Updates

For the past few months I’ve been dividing my time between preparing bug-fixes/patches for Starcom: Nexus and starting development for my next title, likely some kind of follow-up game in the same vein. In the past few weeks I’ve developed tendinitis in my left arm and wrist. Until it recovers on its own or I … Read more

Starcom: Nexus, An Indie Dev Story

My Start My career as an indie game developer got off to a late start. I spent most of my professional life as a web developer, initially as a general purpose “webmaster” before specializing in UI during the dot-com era, then switching to server and database development. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-thirties … Read more

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Weekly Update #84

The progress of time really seems strange these days. I have been working on two things since the last update. First, is the post-mortem for Starcom: Nexus which will describe my journey in making the game, what I learned, what went wrong, what went well, etc. It’s almost done. Second, I’ve begun implementing some UI … Read more