What Engine Should I Use for My Game?

No, I’m not considering switching engines for Starcom: Nexus. This is a post oriented toward other developers, particularly new developers, who are facing decision paralysis in choosing an engine for their game. One of the most common question on /r/gamedev is “what engine should I use for my game?” It seems to come up almost … Read more

Weekly Update #60: Beta 0.17 first pass

As posted previously, version 0.16 is the first public version that includes the full main storyline. Based on analytics and feedback on that, I’m working on version 0.17 which adds a number of requested features, fixes some bugs as well as streamlining the late game content. I’m hopeful that we’re close to version 1.0. If … Read more

Weekly Update #59: New Content and More

I’ve had a very productive week, now starting on the features and content that will hopefully be in Beta 0.17. Here’s what I worked on: A new early-game mission and related anomaly. Modifications to friendly fire: Faster decay (aggo’d factions will forget faster) Clamped per incident (a single high damage attack won’t automatically aggro a … Read more