Weekly Update #44: An Unusual Week

This past week was a bit unusual. Last Saturday night, our house caught fire. We rent the bottom floor of a two-family in the suburbs of Boston. I was awoken at 1:30AM by someone ringing our doorbell. Since there is no good reason for someone to call on us at that hour, I went back … Read more

Weekly Update #42: Short week, early update

This is a brief, earlier than usual update this week– I’m going camping this weekend. Here’s what I worked on for Starcom: Nexus this week: Misc. analytics work Implemented a system where modders will be able to change the stat modifiers for tech upgrades Started work on a new late-game enemy Until next week! You … Read more

New Feature Poll

Shortly after Starcom: Nexus entered Early Access in December I posted a poll asking players what they would like me to focus on during the upcoming cycles. I thought it was time for an updated poll. If you’ve played the game, let me know what you’d like to see me focus on, besides a conclusion … Read more