Weekly Update #35: Pre-Beta 0.13 prep

It’s been over a month since Beta 0.12 was pushed to the live branch and I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback. I’ve just started doing a full playthrough of 0.13. Hopefully, there aren’t too many issues and I’ll be able to put it on a beta branch next week. Here’s what I’ve been working … Read more

Weekly Update #34

As I posted on Twitter this week, the feature I started last week has reached the point where I feel I can say it’s going into the game: Attack Drones! Other efforts from the past week: New enemy ships More controller support work Changed the “threat level” logic to hopefully be more accurate (this is … Read more

Weekly Update #33: Early Changes, New Mission

Here’s what I worked on this past week: Started laying out a new late game sector region Created a new late-game mission/quest and related anomalies Made some tweaks to the early game. Improved gamepad help New technologies Started working on a new ship feature but it’s not quite ready to show-off Fixed a number of … Read more

Weekly Update: #32 New content and more…

Still gathering player feedback on the recent 0.12 content update, but overall it sounds like players are really liking it with no major bugs. Here’s what I worked on this week: Modified procedural generation to allow the generation of “off-path” sectors Started layout of new sectors Four new kinds space anomalies Map tooltips: planets show … Read more