Weekly Update #18

A little bit of a shorter update this week due to the holiday. Here’s what I worked on, deliberately vague on some details to avoid spoilers: Completed the side-quest I started working on last week. Started working on another mission. Created several anomalies that have a variable structure. Another new race. Several new discoveries and … Read more

Weekly Update: #17

The first week after Early Access launch was pretty hectic with a lot of it spent gathering and trying to respond to feedback from players, via the Community Hub, the Discord, Steam Reviews, and the game’s F8 feedback system. Overall, the response has been very positive, with over 90% positive reviews on Steam as of … Read more

Starcom: Nexus is now on Steam!

The big news for this week’s update is, of course, that Starcom: Nexus is finally available in Steam Early Access. This is a huge milestone and is the first time that the game is publicly available outside of closed beta invites. It represents nearly 4000 hours of work on my part, plus the contributions of … Read more

Early Access Roadmap

First, a poll for the players: [yop_poll id=”1″] On December 12th, Starcom: Nexus entered Early Access on Steam. I’m really excited and nervous at the same time: this is by far the biggest game project I’ve ever released into the wild, clocking in at 3500 hours of work by a conservative estimate. And it’s still … Read more

Weekly Update #14

Very quick update, here’s what was done in the past week: Testing, testing, more testing Created an automated “stress test” scenario which ran continuous AI vs AI battle scenarios to find rare or infrequent bugs New artwork Build, pushed Beta 0.9.2 to Steam and started round 5 of Closed Betas Preparation for Launch Started groundwork … Read more